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10 Reasons to Read Outlander

10 Reasons to Read Outlander

Outlander was published in 1991, so while it isn’t a brand new book, it is currently enjoying a resurgence due to the TV adaptation of the series. The historical fiction novel is adventure, romance, and even science fiction all in one. My mom liked it, my aunt likes it, my creative writing professor likes it, and my friends like it. That’s three generations of Outlander lovers right there! It may be a bit of a chick book (but if you are reading my blog, you are probably a chick) but it is a wonderful combination of eloquent writing, the Scottish highlands, and history.


  1. It transports you to another time: I am a sucker for historical fiction. One of the genre’s strengths is its ability to sweep you out of your tedious everyday life and take you to a faraway time. Even if you don’t want to live 18th century Scotland, Outlander will give you a romantic glimpse at the era.
  2. You learn a little history: How much do you know about the Jacobite Revolution? I pride myself in being an educated person and a history lover, but before Outlander my knowledge of Scottish history was negligible. Now, I’m not saying that a historical romance has made me an expert on Scottish history, or that it is a substitute for reading an actual history book. What I am saying is that reading Outlander will provide some information about Scotland, and that it is a fun introduction to Scottish history.
  3. It’s an Adventure Story: Outlander features castles, battles, and wilderness. The novel is fast-paced, but Gabaldon doesn’t sacrifice attention to detail. There is everything from intrigue to page turning life-or-death scenarios.
  4. It’s a Love Story: Outlander is probably best known for the steamy romance between Claire and Jaime. Their romance is passionate and heart-wrenching. Claire and Jaime are the kind of couple readers root for.
  5. The Characters are Exceptional: Galbandon’s characters are the kind you love, or the kind you love to hate. The bad guys are really bad, and the good guys are really good.
  6. It’s Magical: Whether you call it sci-fi or fantasy, the supernatural plays a huge role in Outlander. Celtic magic transports Claire from the 20th century to the 18th century, and continues to affect her new life.
  7. It’s Cheaper than Buying a Plane Ticket to Scotland: I’m fascinated by the beauty of green and historic Scotland, but my budget doesn’t exactly allow for a trip to Scotland. Outlander is a close second.
  8. There’s a TV series: The Starz TV adaptation of Outlander captures the spirit of the novels. It’s worth watching for the beautiful costumes and scenery, but also for the captivating storyline.
  9. You’ll be in the know: Chances are somebody (or a few somebodys) that you know have read this book.
  10. It’s a Series: There’s nothing worse than a book hangover, but because Outlander is a long series of thick books, your book needs will be taken care of for a long time!

  • Chriisy

    Your blog is new to me and I love it! Very creative and fun to combine beauty and books…brilliant! I have a pile of books next to me based on your reviews….keep up the great work it’s become a favorite!

    • Ashley

      Thank you so much! I really appreciate the positive feedback. I hope you enjoy the books!