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Best Hot Pink Eyeshadows

Best Hot Pink Eyeshadows

I love pink. Call me extra, but there’s nothing that speaks to my soul like fuchsia (well, except for maybe millennial pink or a white furry throw). I don’t wear a lot of color (I tend to go for the all- black look whenever possible) but I occasionally enjoy balancing my neutral clothes with a bold eye look. And nothing says bold like hot pink eyeshadow.

Now, I admit, I don’t wear hot pink eyeshadow on the daily. If I was a drag queen, or if I worked at the MAC counter, maybe I would. But for an occasional night out, or when I’m wanting to channel my inner Barbie, I opt for hot pink makeup. Here are the Best Hot Pink Eyeshadows.

Pink eyeshadow is difficult to wear in general, especially on fair skin. If the pink is too subtle, you may wind up looking like you’re sick or tired instead. However, hot pink pretty much reads as, well, hot pink. There’s no mistaking it for a cold; everybody knows you’re making a fashion statement. However, hot pink eyeshadow can be hard to track down, because it is such an unusual shade.

Best Hot Pink Eyeshadows

NYX has a solid range of color in their Hot Singles Eyeshadow collection. The shade Wild Orchid is described as a “Satiny Red Pink.” I find it to be reminiscent of the tones in the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette. Wild Orchid is definitely more of a pink than a red, but the red tones make it wearable, especially when paired with brown eyeshadows. The eyeshadow has a satin finish, so just a hint of shimmer.

NYX also makes a beautiful pink multipurpose powder. The Primal Colors are a line of powders that can be used anywhere on the face. I’ve occasionally used the shade Hot Pink as a blush (for theatrical makeup) but it’s a go-to for hot pink eyeshadow. Because this is a powder formula, it is pigmented, but not quite as creamy or bold as an eyeshadow. When working with such a statement shade, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I find that it’s easy to build up and blend, which makes it great to experiment (even if you’re shy about using a neon shadow). The NYX Primal Colors Hot Pink powder is very matte.

Best Hot Pink Eyeshadows
Top to bottom: NYX Wild Orchid, NYX Hot Pink, Jeffree Star Star Power

The cream of the crop is Jeffree Star’s Star Power eyeshadow, which can be found in the Beauty Killer Palette. I really like this palette as a whole (I use China White on the regular), and if you’re patient you might be able to get it on sale, like I did. I love Star Power because it is the most matte and vivid pink imaginable. Basically, it’s my childhood dream come true. Jeffree Star makes vegan shadows that are comfortable on my super-sensitive eyes, with top-notch quality and blend ability. I honestly couldn’t speak any more highly of this eyeshadow!

The three shades are slightly different, which means that there’s room for all of them in my drawer. Sometimes, I even wear them together. I’ve also had my eye on Sugarpill’s Dollipop. I definitely don’t need it, but I may get my hands on it yet– I just can’t stay away from pink. One tip: if you use pink eyeshadow, be sure to wear a primer. Pink pigments can stain your eye a little bit. Any leftover stains will go away after about a day, but pink eyeshadow can leave your skin tinged pink.

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  • Oooh I love the shades! It’s so out there but I do love it! Also thanks for the primer tip!! I never wear primer when wearing eyeshadows and when I take my eyeshadow off, it’s always so red! x


    • If you wear a primer or even concealer on your lids, that will probably help you!!