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Bobbi Brown Lipstick Review & Swatches

Bobbi Brown Lipstick Review & Swatches

Bobbi Brown is one of the makeup queens of the century: her luxury products and feature-enhancing techniques defined my beauty routine as a young woman. Bobbi Brown makes makeup for every skin tone and skin type, and her lipsticks are no exception. For Christmas, my family bought me a 10 hue anniversary set of Bobbi Brown’s classic lipstick colors. Not only are the mini-lipsticks perfect for travel, but it gave me a great overview of every shade in Bobbi Brown’s classic lipstick formula. So, without further ado, here is my Bobbi Brown Lipstick Review & Swatches.


If there is one word for Bobbi Brown’s lipsticks, I would say it’s flattering. These lipsticks are creamy and pigmented (but not too pigmented, so they adapt to your natural lip color). The finish isn’t too matte, but it isn’t frosted or glossy. It’s just a beautiful color.

Every color is build-able and layer-able. My favorite shades are Beige, Raisin, and Red, but they’re all gorgeous neutrals (with a kick). If you were lucky enough to pick up a set, you’ll find there’s a color for every look.

left to right: Rose, Brown, Raisin, Beige, Salmon


The Bobbi Brown Original 10 25th Anniversary Lip Collection is beautiful. Every lipstick is high quality, and they are all wearable colors for any woman; the boldest colors are sheer enough on the lips that anybody would feel comfortable in them. The shades are great for day or night, moisturizing and comfortable. I will probably re-purchase my favorites or even some new shades (there are many available on the Sephora website). As an added bonus, every color can be worn individually, or blended into a custom color. I highly recommend these lipsticks, which are luxurious, classic, and beautiful.


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