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Colourpop Pressed Powder Shadows (Review)

Colourpop Pressed Powder Shadows (Review)

I have tried a lot of eyeshadow over the years: Morphe, MAC, Makeup Geek, L’Oreal, Urban Decay, Tarte, and much more. I’m an eyeshadow connaisseur, and while I like a lot of formulas, I have to say that the Colourpop Pressed Powder Shadows really knocked it out of the ballpark. It is  my favorite eyeshadow formula to date; I hope they keep releasing more shades, because I want them all!

I ordered the Lo-Key and Hi-Maitenence. The physical shadow palettes are actually very nice: cardboard packaging with a magnetic closure. I popped the eyeshadows out of this palette (which is very easy to do) so I could put them in the Makeup Forever palette I use for travel. However, the packaging is nice, so I saved it for future use. I also purchased some individual eyeshadows, which are just as nice as the palettes. The palettes are just a slightly better deal, if you’ll use all the colors.

Colourpop Pressed Powder Shadows (Review
Swatches of Colourpop Lo-Key

The eyeshadows themselves are absolutely perfect as far as I’m concerned. Soft and creamy, pigmented but blendable and easy to use. There’s a little fallout, but not too much. The shade range is gorgeous. I mostly have warm shades, but I would love to pick up some cooler shades as well. I was really blown away by the formula! Plus, the price point is actually very affordable. I would say that these eyeshadows are more similar to MAC eyeshadow than Makeup Geek eyeshadow, but the formula falls somewhere in between in terms of creaminess.
The Colourpop Pressed Powder Shadows are 10/10, 5 stars, A+. I would highly recommend them; they’re my favorite eyeshadows, regardless of price, but considering the price they are an absolute can’t miss for makeup lovers! I hope they keep releasing new shades. The Colourpop website often has sales and promotions, so if you watch out for a discount you can get them for an even more affordable price.


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