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How to Get a Smooth, Luxurious Shave on a Budget (Harry’s Razor & Shave Cream Review)

How to Get a Smooth, Luxurious Shave on a Budget (Harry’s Razor & Shave Cream Review)

Usually my blog posts are makeup-oriented (though I occasionally delve into skincare). But today I wanted to talk about my current bath & body obsession, which is a Harry’s razor and shave cream. In the past few weeks, I’ve used these products and a few of my own tricks to get a perfect shave. Here’s how to get a smooth, luxurious shave on a budget.

How to Get a Smooth, Luxurious Shave on a Budget (Harry's Razor & Shave Cream Review)

Step One: Exfoliate

I like to exfoliate using a loofah and bar soap, a sugar scrub or an exfoliating body wash. A loofah and bar soap is the easiest way, and I’ve always loved Dove soap because it is so gentle. However, the Tree Hut sugar scrubs are amazing, and I’m currently using a St. Ive’s salt scrub body wash. You can also use your favorite exfoliating product!

Step Two: Apply Shave Cream

I find that my hair becomes softer and easier to shave after I’ve warmed up in the shower. Now that my skin is all clean and exfoliated, like to put on shave cream. Of course, this step is optional,  but I do think it helps me to get a close, smooth shave. I have been using Harry’s Shave Gel, which smells wonderful. It is a more “masculine” scent, but I find it to be earthy and warm, which is my favorite type of scent. I love it, and it doesn’t leave me smelling like a man; it just leaves me smooth and smelling good.

Step Three: Shave (with the right razor) 

I get the best shave when using a man’s razor. That’s right, a man’s razor: the non-disposable kind, with a metal handle and replaceable blades. For years, I used a Gillette razor, but as of late I have loved using my Harry’s Winston Razor, which is beautiful and sleek. It has multiple, super-sharp blades that get rid of all the hair fast (without cutting my skin). Buying a pink razor might be cute, but I find that I pay more for a less-desirable shave when I buy razors marketed to women.

Step Four: Apply Lotion

Now, I’m not sure that this actually affects your shave, but I find that it soothes my skin and makes my legs extra smooth. Any lotion will work: my go-to is Jergens.

How to Get a Smooth, Luxurious Shave on a Budget (Harry's Razor & Shave Cream Review)

Harry’s  contacted me a few weeks ago, and offered to send me some of their products (no strings attached). I agreed to try the products, because I love the brand’s philosophy: high quality razors at a reasonable price. Their blades are all made in a factory in Germany. I love companies that use responsible labor, and Harry’s ethics made it even more appealing to me. Then when I tried their products (possibly the best razor I’ve ever used, and the most wonderful smelling shave cream) I fell in love. I definitely will purchase Harry’s in the future, either from their website or from Target (where I notice they are now sold).


What is your shave routine? Have you tried Harry’s? Be sure to check out Harry’s on instagram, and follow me on Instagram and Bloglovin’!