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Pink Toned Highlighters

Pink Toned Highlighters

Fish love the water, birds love the sky, and I love pink. Some things just come naturally. Everybody who knows me knows that this is an undeniable fact. I liked millennial pink back when it was just called “pink,” and once I sported a fuchsia prom dress. In fact, my go-to lip color in high school was (you guessed it) bright pink.

While I don’t go for Barbie-esque glam on a day to day basic (though I have on occasion) I love incorporating a pink highlight. I think a soft rosy glow would suit many skin-tones (especially for those who share my enthusiasm for pink). However, it’s especially pretty on my porcelain skin.


My favorite pink highlight to date is Becca Rose Quartz, which is very adequately named, not just for the pretty pan design but also for the subtle rose tint it gives your skin. The Becca highlights are unbelievably soft, and I feel like I use this highlight all the time and it never seems to make a dent in the pan. It’s well worth the price tag.

I also like the icy highlight of Makeup Geek Glitz. This light pink is ultra-reflective and cool-toned. I’m not sure how it would look on skin with an olive undertone, but on rosy skin it’s beautiful and bold, especially when you build it up. It’s also one of the more affordable options mentioned in this post.

Pink Toned Highlighters
Makeup Geek Glitz, JSC Princess Cut, Becca Rose Quartz, ABH Hard Candy

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Princess Cut is similar to Makeup Geek Glitz, but even more intense. Where the Makeup Geek formula is more glossy and reflective, Jeffree Star’s highlights are super-pigmented. They’re so soft that they almost turn creamlike in the pan, but are slightly chunky and glittery… but not in a bad way! JSC’s formula is intense, and perfect as eyeshadow or as highlight. Plus, the pan is enormous. You would have to bathe in it to use it all up.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills highlights are bold, reflective, and practically perfect. Starburst and Hard Candy are pictured here. Starburst is similar to Becca Rose Quartz. I have it in the Gleam Glow Kit, but it is also in the Sweets glow it. The pink color is soft, but the reflect is blinding. Hard Candy is duochrome, with a bronze base and a hot pink reflect. It’s unique and fun.

Pink Toned Highlighter Swatches
Becca Rose Quartz, ABH Hard Candy and Starburst,

The drugstore option on this list is Wet n Wild Precious Petals, which is a peachy-pink champagne shade. It’s shockingly soft and finely milled for its price, and it compares in pigmentation to the other highlights on this list. Of course, the packaging is cheap, but the pan is pretty, and so is the effect of the highlight (which can be bold or subtle, depending on your taste). Plus, the shade of precious petals is versatile enough to look beautiful on pale or deeper skin tones, which can’t be said for all of the highlights on this list.

Pink Toned Highlighter Swatches
Glitz, Princess Cut, Rose Quartz, Hard Candy, Starburst, Precious Petals

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