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Pixi Natural Contour Powder (Review)

Pixi Natural Contour Powder (Review)

Pixi is one of the higher end makeup brands I’ve stumbled across. I noticed the pistachio-colored packaging appear in Target a few years ago, but I didn’t try anything until the last year. To be honest, this was mostly because of the price. Dropping $20 on one makeup item at Target just feels wrong.

Pixi’s most iconic product is probably the Glow Tonic, which is a toner (so skincare, not makeup). I hear good things about the brand as a whole. The quality ingredients might up the price, but they also make for a good product. The description of the Pixi Contour Powder on the Target website says that it has “peptides, multi-vitamin complex, aloe versa, super fruits and coffee extract.” Sounds fancy, right?

Oddly enough, I actually use this product the most in my eyebrows. It’s the perfect neutral shade to fill my brows. I like using it in conjunction with a brow pencil, to set everything in place and really make my brows full-yet-natural. The texture isn’t too finely milled, and there isn’t much fall-out, so it’s good for this purpose. I actually like this the most for its versatility. Because the shade is a neutral, medium brown, I can use it for my brows, for a contour, or for a crease color of eyeshadow.

Pixi Natural Contour Powder (Swatches)

Obviously, the purpose of this product is for contouring. There’s only one shade, and everybody knows one shade does not fit all. On a really dark skin tone, it wouldn’t show up, and it’s admittedly a little dark even for mine (but with some blending and a light hand, or perhaps a tan, it works just fine). It’s a pretty neutral color, and it is bendable with nice ingredients, though, so overall I would say it’s a solid product. However, by the time you’re paying $20 you might want to go ahead and just splurge for Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer (which I prefer) or purchase a MAC pro palette refill pan at $17.


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