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Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation Review

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation was a major release for the brand that grew out of a monopoly on the perfect eyebrow. While bigger brands, such as Bobbi Brown, Tarte, or M.A.C. offer multiple foundation options, ABH just has one stick foundation. Stick foundations have been […]

Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills is one of the most coveted brands on the market. After taking the beauty world by storm with innovative brow products, which arguably started a trend, Anastasia preceded to release a series of amazing lipsticks and palettes. Among these palettes are their […]

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills made its name in the world by selling eyebrow products that upped everybody’s brow game. That being said, Anastasia Beverly Hills is more than a brow genius. ABH’s Glow Kit has received a lot of accolades from internet beauty gurus, and not without good reason. Anastasia Beverly Hills offers products in a variety of shades; their brow products and their Glow Kits provide color options to suit anybody’s coloring. I have never been disappointed in a purchase from Anastasia Beverly Hills, and I have recently enjoyed playing with the ABH lip glosses. I purchased the Lustrous Lip Gloss Set, which was released around Christmas 2015 and contains eight best-selling shades. The set was a great deal, but all of the colors within the set are available separately. Check out my review and swatches of the lip glosses to decide which hues are right for you.

Gilded: This color looks a little scary in the lip gloss tube, because it appears gold, but it is beautiful on my lips! This is one of my favorite glosses from this set, because it gives lips a subtle shimmer, perfect for summer. I can see myself using this lip gloss as a lipstick topper in the future, and I sGildedometimes mix it with another gloss in this set, sunset strip, for a coral-gold lip.

Sunset Strip: This lip gloss is almost clear on the lips, with a slight peach colored sheen. It makes your lip sparkleSunset Strip, thanks to fine glitter particles in the gloss. This shade is so lightly colored, and yet so sparkly, that it almost makes my lips look wet (like sparkly mermaid lips or something). I do like this one and I’ve worn it a few times.

Dainty: Dainty is another one of my favorites in the set. It is a soft pinky-nude, without any sparkle. It is pigmented like lipstick, Daintywith the consistency of lip gloss. It is a beautiful color for a soft look, and I love that it simplifies the process of applying lipstick and lip gloss into one easy step.

Metallic Rose: I like mauve lip glosses because they amp up my natural lip color while still looking neutral. This sMetallic Rosehade is another favorite from the set, because it is so versatile. I can wear it year round with any look, day or night.  It has mauve pigmentation, with a hint of glitter.

Weekend Barbie: This color is exactly the color I associate with my dear friend Barbie, who kept me company until I hit puberty. This sparkly fuchsia can be built for a bold hot pink, or applied lightly for a light wash of I-just-ate-a-popsicle pink. I like the sWeekend Barbiehade, which is very flattering on my fair skin. Weekend Barbie is a shade right between bold and pretty, but I admit I don’t reach for it often. I don’t think I have ever worn this lip gloss out, mostly just because I don’t gravitate towards fuchsia lips. That being said, it is a beautiful color (with a brilliant name) so I will try to work it into my daily makeup in the future.

Date Night: I’m just gonna come out and say it: I wasn’t crazy about this one. It’s a red gloss that isn’t super pigmented and Date Nighthas a lot of chunky glitter. It came out patchy on my lips, and the glitter felt gritty. I noticed on the back of the box that it has a different formula than all of the other glosses, so that might have something to do with why this one was a flop for me.

Socialite: I love red lips, so Socialite is one of my current go-to colors. This color is a pigmented red with a glossy finish. It falls more onto the blue-red side of the spectrum than the orange-red side, but I do think it is a true, classic red. This is a great color for the Socialiteclassic glam look, with a glossy twist.

Black Cherry: This color would have fit right in with the other lip colors at the Met Ball. It is a highly pigmented, dark purple gloss that fades as it wears to a deep burgundy. It is a rich, bold color, and it looks lovely against my fair skin. Of all of the colors, I think this shade is the longest wearing.Black Cherry





Overall: The glosses all have a mild vanilla scent, and while I sometimes have a problem with sweet scents in makeup I think this one is nice. They aren’t sticky, and they don’t feel like they have a plumper in them. You can feel a little bit of the glitter in the sparkly shades (Gilded, Sunset Strip, Metallic Rose, Weekend Barbie, and Date Night) but the non-glittery glosses (Dainty, Socialite, and Black Cherry) are all very smooth. The vibrancy of the Anastasia Beverly Hills lip glosses makes them stand out from other glosses I have used. The darker shades are longer wearing than the lighter shades, but the darker shades smear easily and can leave a little mark outside of your lip area if you accidentally touch your face. I tested out these colors by wearing them alone, but I will probably wear the darker colors with lip liner to help keep them in place throughout the day.

This set is a great value, but if you aren’t interested in the whole set, or you can’t find it, my favorite colors are Gilded, Dainty, and Metallic Rose. That being said, I really like Sunset Strip, Socialite, Black Cherry, and Weekend Barbie, too. ABH makes great products, and her lip glosses lived up to the brand’s excellent reputation.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip GlossAnastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss

Top Row Left to Right: Gilded, Sunset Strip, Date Night, Socialite

Bottom Row Left to Right: Dainty, Metallic Rose, Weekend Barbie, Black Cherry

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